Postpartum: pain is our friend

Postpartum: pain is our friend I thought selfcare was for losers Three weeks after my son was born I found myself on the sofa, curled up and in pain with

Forty days after baby

In yogic circles, setting an intention isn’t the same as a new year’s resolution. It doesn’t mean bending over backwards to reach my goal. You formulate your intention in the privacy of your mind and leave it at that. Still, something within re-aligns. It’s like the act of unfurling the sail on the mast. Then all there’s left to do is to wait for the wind to blow in the right direction. And one day, you just take off.

What can I give to this? – emotional materialism and its antidote

I had signed up for a vacation A two week vacation in Lisbon was supposed to be the harmonious conclusion of my maternity leave. But every day I ended up

The baby mirror – how they pick up on your vibe

Babies and subtle energy Have you ever wondered why we intuitively sing to our babies? And why it seems to calm them down? In order to produce a melody, we

Die Kraft zum Loslassen – Yoga rund um die Geburt

Öffnen wie die Lotusblüte Schwangerschaftswoche 34, ein Gespräch mit meiner Hebamme. Eine alte Sorge von mir, dass meine Beckenboden-Muskulatur vom vielen Yoga zu straff sein könnte. Immer wieder hört frau,

No mud, no lotus

  The problem with bliss I have a problem with bliss. I don’t mean to say that I don’t like the Savasana after-glow or that I will pass up a

Creating space

Space before the baby comes Midwives, doulas, everyone who works with pregnant women will tell you that two weeks before the baby is due you should start your maternity leave.

Motherhood moves mountains

The way in American airports are not exactly what I would call friendly places. On the way in, you feel like a criminal. I always find myself jumping through a

Dining alone – fears of an only child

The only child I’m an only child. About four months from now, my only child will no longer be one. Sometimes I think I was open to having a second

Potty yoga

Rip off the bandaid A little over a month ago we started potty training our son. A friend had just gone through the process with her slightly younger boy. She