Wie ein Jahr Konsumverzicht an meiner Identität rüttelte

So oft konsumieren wir – egal was – um ein Gefühl von Unzulänglichkeit oder Unzugehörigkeit zu überdecken. Wir erleben einen kurzen Glücksmoment – auch bekannt als Dopamin-Kick – und das Problem scheint zumindest vorübergehend aus der Welt. 

How to create lasting good habits

New year, new beginnings. We commit to eating better, drinking less, working out more… But how do we keep it up for longer than a few weeks? There are a few key points to establishing healthy habits and replacing bad ones and making sure they last.

Five simple tools to prevent relapse during the pandemic

The pandemic is a catalyzer. Old demons resurface and are magnified. Here’s how simple yoga tools can help with getting out of your head and stopping the downward spiral.

Yoga – a lifeline for recovering addicts during the coronavirus pandemic

Lockdown, a vulnerable place When, in March 2020, public life came to halt in many countries, addicts were left in a vulnerable place. Isolation, the lack of human connection, is