Warum hart, wenn’s auch sanft geht – Das Dampfbad für die Vulva

Wir denken immer, intensiver ist besser Im Schwangerschaftsyoga kommt oft diese Frage zur mechanischen Geburtsvorbereitung: Dammmassage oder Epino? Beide Optionen sollen den Weg für eine Vaginalgeburt vorebnen. Ich empfinde vor allem

I touch myself. Do you?

Especially for women, but for everybody really, it’s imperative that we check in with our bodies. By the way, with our minds as well. How is that going to happen if we don’t have a way of establishing contact? Whether we do it digitally, visually or by cultivating a regular physical or mindfulness practice, we must enter communication with our body – all parts of it. How else will we notice changes? How else can we become literate in the language of our body and intimate with ourselves?